Pools: Swimming in the Details

Natatoriums can be a source of great enjoyment for swimmers, but also a source of frustration and high levels of maintenance for Owners, if not designed and constructed properly. Many factors must be considered when designing a comfortable pool environment such as humidity control, air flow distribution, and material selection. Air with a high level of entrained moisture will negatively affect comfort and, in extreme circumstances, the health of the occupants. Additionally, the moisture in the air will condense on cooler surfaces such as walls, exterior doors, and windows when surface temperatures drop below the dew point. This condensation can... Read More

Softer, Whiter and Less Down the Drain

In recent years, long-term care facilities have started moving toward ozone use in laundering. Ozone has been recognized for over a century as an effective cleaner. It is an unstable form of oxygen gas that is generated when oxygen is exposed to electricity. Ozone’s unstable chemistry causes it to easily bond with elements common in dirt and debris to form oxides, which can then be washed away. Due to its instability, ozone must be generated at the laundry and is done so in two ways. One involves temporarily storing ozonized water in tanks and the second involves injecting ozone into... Read More