Kristin D. Dietrich, LEED AP

Kristin designs interior and exterior lighting, building power, and low-voltage systems.  She’s been an integral member of the Reese Hackman team since 2006.

“The best part of my job is seeing my designs come to life.”

Get To Know

Detroit, Michigan

Proud moments:
Seeing my kids wear the elaborate Halloween costumes I designed and crafted for them, including the Pillsbury Dough Boy, Mary Poppins, and a vending machine.

My childhood pet:
An Amazon parrot named Pickles who does not like boys. Parrots can live 75 years, so Pickles now lives with my sister.

One of my many interests:
Cars! One time I swapped out our broken alternator belt with a pair of pantyhose during a road trip.

Another interest:
I like to fix and put things together, from Legos to IKEA furniture.

How I got into this business:
My dad said if you like architecture and you’re good at math, you should do architectural engineering. I trusted him, and he was right.


Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1994

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